Hi, my name is Adrienne Sidal. I’m a designer, web content editor, communications manager, and amateur photographer.

I have elderly cat named Levi and a youngerly daughter named Michayla. Only the former still lives at home.

I’ve been developing my photography skills since picking up a Nikon D3300 in November 2015.

Despite spending my work-week writing, editing, and posting stuff online, I’m fairly new to travel blogging. When, in December 2016, I spent a week exploring Paris on my own, it inspired me to write and share my experiences with friends and family. I was surprised to find I wasn’t too bad at it!

I generally only blog when exploring my home town of Christchurch, or tripping around the beautiful South Island of New Zealand, or when I’ve save enough money to explore other parts of the world.

In between times, I regularly post my snaps on Instagram.