Capturing Paris’ evening light

It was still warm on our first Sunday evening in Paris. The perfect evening to explore our neighbourhood a little further. Michayla mapped out a route that would take us down to the Louvre, which is about a 20 minute direct walk from our apartment.

We left our apartment at around 8pm, crossing the road just after the steps down to Grand Boulevards station and taking one of Paris’ famous passages. Here we found odd stamp collector shops and tiny restaurants, their tables spilling out into the corridor.

On the forecourt of the Palais Brongniart we came across Canadians celebrating their national holiday were playing hockey on rollerblades. Further on, we found ourselves in the gardens of Palace Royale, locals relaxing around a local fountain and tourists taking snaps among the stripped bollards and silver spheres sculptures.

We’d end up taking around an hour to to reach out destination, stopping several times to take photos along the way and once to briefly say hello to a couple of Michayla’s friends from a USA Contiki trip she took in Oct 2015, who happen to be enjoying a drink at a local bistro nearby.

As the sun slowly sunk lower and lower, it created the most beautiful saffron light against Paris’ creamy buildings. By the time we reached the pyramid outside the Louvre, the light was delicious, casting a gorgeous evening glow on Michayla’s face.

Here’s some highlights I captured along the way. You can see more in my Paris Summer 2017 Flickr album (keyword “LouvreEvening”).













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